Personalized Lawyer Admin Panel

Holisticly implement fully tested process improvements rather than dynamic internal.

Sync Your Cases

You can now Sync All Your Cases From Supreme Court, High Court & Ecourts even offline

Get Timely Reminders

You can easily get reminders on Mobile or Email for your upcoming hearing dates and other schedules

Schedule your Tasks

Every Lawyer or a Firm needs to maintain a proper Schedule of there time. Myemunshi helps you keep record of all your schedules with timely remindes.

Case Information

You can find all the required Case Information on your Dashboard with complete case history

Orders/ Judgements

All the Orders & Judgements are directly added for you once you add a new Case on your Dashboard which remains saved forever

More Features

There are bundle of other features which you get once you purchase one of our Plans like Notes, File Timer, Expense Manager, Income Manager, File Upload etc.