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Comprehensive Case Management

Organize and track the case information you need. Keep up with every new case development. Vakil Desk's Firm Feed tracks every matter update, allowing you to see who made what change, and when. See new time entries, document uploads, and more so that you can be on top of every detail as it happens.
Court Name, Case Details, Party Details and copy of order's for each Case you add in Dashboard is managed by asynchornous task scheduling for timely automated updates and reminders

Manage & Secure your Client's Data

Now you can manage your Client Data more effectively. Vakil Desk keeps your client updated for case posting dates, reminds them for scheduled task's, send them automated payment reminders and keep everything in line. High grade security encryption and storage redundancies is done, to prevent loss due to catastrophic events. Advanced permissions and password features ensure only authorized staff get access.
We know that data security of there client is paramount for law firms, which is why we go above and beyond to protect your firm's information.


All your tools in one place

Don't waste time manually tracking and organizing case information. With Vakil Desk, you can manage every detail of every case from a single dashboard. Link every client, event, task, communication, and time spent to the appropriate matters and add notes for you and your staff at any time. Organize all text, audio, and visual files for each case with unlimited document storage.
Send case posting details to your clients. By Adding Client Info to each case, you can keep your client connected in his matter with all tools and reminders


Manage Cases

Case posting dates, Acts, FIRs, clients and orders will be pulled from Courts Website. Once a case is added, posting dates will update automatically.

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Client Management

Client's are like 'Assets' for every Lawyer/ Firm. Each Lawyer can manage his Clients Information like Name, Contact, Biography, Case Linking and more.

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Access from anywhere

Securely access unlimited firm data, organized by case and client, from any web browser or via Device. (No additional hardware required).

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What People Say

Love the user-friendly layout, the time-saving features, and the analytic tools to monitor and enhance performance, all of it on the go. We love it!

Advocate Avijit

Vakil Desk is hands-down the best practice management system available for today's modern law firm... It is a must for any law practice.

Advocate Vijay

I needed a technology solution that was cloud-based and efficient for the administrative side of the business. Vakil Desk has been exactly what I needed for the efficient maintenance of contact, timekeeping and billing